2PM - Again and Again

This is a little more current than the other tracks - a few days ago on KBS's Music Bank it went head to head Super Junior's(if you remember I said during the 'crash course' post that they're the world's biggest boyband with 13 members..) current single, which in reality isn't as good as this track:
See what I mean when I said it's dance or rot and die for these types of boy bands?

I don't think it's as good as DBSK's Mirotic but for what it's up against at the moment, it's outstanding. I tried listening to a few 2PM tracks before but apparently I was listening to all the wrong stuff because like the Wonder Girls, I liked the idea but didn't find the songs special.

Well this is certainly special.

I still don't like the rap parts(although the one in the DBSK song isn't that annoying..) and that hold true for this song - I don't see the relevance of it when they could've just put in a brilliant middle 8 instead of the rap - oh well.

It actually does have probably some the best verses that get overshadowed a bit by that (sometimes)annoying loop that refuses to stop and give us a break but I think if I ever get the chance to hear an a capella version of this, it'd probably be even more fantastic than it is right now. One thing JYP knows how to do really well is make a melody I'd absolutely adore(I assume he's behind all my favorite Rain songs and his own material since that's how he was credited on those albums..) so kudos to him for writing this.



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