Lee Hyori featuring Wheesung - Sexyboy

Note: I just watched one of the bigger Korean music countdown thingies last night and out of the possibly 15 performers, I only knew like five of them - that goes to show how little I know. hahah.

In case you forgot, from the other day's briefing - Lee Hyori is Korea's answer to Britney Spears and Wheesung is the guy who covered Craig David's Insomnia.

So this track was from Lee Hyori's 2008 album and it's really, really different from the two techno-based singles but it sounds a lot more like what she used to do so that could be a good thing. Strange title and average vocals but once again, the melody wins me over.
At certain points Wheesung(I assume that's him..) tends to sound like a girl, most probably because of all the processing they put this song through - some of it really unnecessary. Putting all the effects aside, the melody is absolutely brilliant. It doesn't work Lee Hyori that hard because I assume that's the extent to which she can sing(if you notice, she doesn't go really high on a lot of her songs but it doesn't matter that much.), her voice is a little airy here and I presume it was done on purpose.

Back to the melody - it has it's weak points(the verses) and it's strong points(the chorus and certain parts of the middle 8) but put together it's like the strong points overpower the weak. That's what I call good writing. We need some verification that an actual person wrote a brilliant song, it has to have some kind of flaw.


A side note(again.): I said a few days ago that Wheesung was moderately famous but apparently he's really, really, really, really, extremely famous. I apologize, he's in between extremely famous and legendary.


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