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Just when we thought S Club 7 and 8 had a lot of members, apparently we haven't seen anything. Girls Generation has NINE members, obviously they're all girls but what makes it especially difficult to memorize all of their names and voices is that THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME. You think I'm kidding? Here:
It's like trying to memorize pieces of hay in a haystack. Well look at it this way, no need for backup dancers! hahah.

I'm wondering if they all get some kind of exposure throughout the video(they might although I wouldn't count on it..) and if they all do, that would be one really short line or something. Whatever.

So the song. It's perky, fun and everything you'd love in a girl group song and the reason why I don't like Wonder Girls that much is because of that. I haven't heard something like this or like the other song I wrote about from the JYP(the guy who discovered Rain..)-made girl group.

Ugh - I keep on straying from the topic. This song is so freaking perky and all that it kills. Great melody - gives the Brown Eyed Girls a run for their money and believe it or not, these girls actually have something that resembles a voice. I dug up a live performance of the song and individually they can actually sing(the chorus was clearly mimed but whatever.)

I first heard this song in full a few minutes ago and it's ALREADY stuck in my head. Thank you very much, SM entertainment.



  1. I love them...hahaha
    Have you download their 1st album: Baby Baby? I've got 2 songs from it that stuck in my head quickly! Haahaha... maybe because what they did is a PURE POP? Hmmm



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