Blue - One Love

I've only ever written about Blue once before - maybe because I keep on over looking them, thinking that something's better. Come to think of it, they had some amazing singles(and you know I don't like a lot of singles..) and brilliant albums but I think because I got semi-addicted to them during my gigantic Westlife era, they kinda got overshadowed(although I do own physical copies of all three studio albums and a DVD. How that happened will remain a secret).

What's even worse is that I kinda shunned One Love for an extremely shallow reason - I personally think the cover looks ugly. hahah. When I actually listened to the album, it was like going back to second grade(One Love was released in 2002 so yeah.) when I absolutely despised pop music and I was listening to the one album I owned - Charlotte Church's Enchantment. hahah.

One Love was so big here that even I'd heard it before I knew anything about music. I think it's safe to say that this song broke them into Asia(I don't think they had any success or intentions of breaking the US though.) because at one point it was all I'd hear on TV. Come to think of it, it's actually a very good song - the melody's there and it's an actual song unlike everything else that becomes a hit here(*ahem* Single Ladies *ahem*). It's got a really catchy chorus and this 'street' thing going on but it's got refinement - they don't go out and trying to unsuccessfully rap the thing.

I cannot believe I once thought Lee's voice was gorgeous but Duncan was a heck of a lot hotter than him. hahah. I don't care that much anymore.



  1. Blue are a nice reminder of a time when pure pop ruled the charts. i do kinda miss them occassionally but not really that much :) I'm interested in the comeback though - see what happens with that. Duncan was hilarious in a sitcom over here called Plus One!

  2. I LOVE this song, it literally made my childhood.

    Paul, what sitcom was Duncan in?

  3. J - it was called Plus One. Basically he played a hilarious parody of himself. It was about a guy who had been dumped and his ex is getting married to duncan from blue and it's being televised. He has to find a date for the wedding who is the female equivalent of Duncan from Blue :) It sounds crap but it was really funny and Duncan was kinda hilarious in it!!


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