DBSK - Mirotic

From what I'm getting, either 2008 was a pretty good year for Korean music or their music industry's really thriving because if you look at the volume and quality of the stuff that was released last year, it's exceptional to say the least.

(I suggest you watch the video below before reading the review. Trust me - you'd want to be blown away before anything.)
So that was DBSK or TVXQ or Toshinki. Yes, they have three names. They're Korean by nationality and their first two albums were Korean under DBSK but in 2006, someone got the brilliant idea to market them in Japan as Toshinki and they exploded. Their real name is TVXQ but in Korea they're DBSK and in Japan they're Toshinki. I was confused and a little baffled for a while.

They're about as big and as successful in Asia as Westlife are in the UK and Ireland. In short, they're gigantic and record-breaking - they are the only foreign artist to have six Japanese number one singles, three of them debuted at the top. OK, they've achieved maybe half of what Westlife have but given that they've only been around for five years, I'd say it's a valid comparison.
I also happen to really, really, REALLY like the song. It sounds like a gigantic hit but it's not generic or bland - it's brilliant.

The melody takes a little time to digest but by the end of the song you'll want to play the whole thing again at full volume but what surprised me the most was the chorus and how brilliantly short and snappy it was. It wasn't done the wrong way and it didn't sound like it was forcing you to like the song, it sounded brilliantly in-your-face. 2000's R&B at it's best, if I may say so. Mirotic seems like a very heavy song on the surface but if you actually take time to listen to it well, it doesn't seem that heavy at all. The best part of this song is the middle 8 and even though it comes really really late in the song(you put it in the 50 seconds?) AND after a rap part, it's probably the most stunning thing in the already brilliant song.

And they really sell the song - the video's convincing. I mean the dancing(which is part of what makes them a great boy band..), the chaining themselves to walls and drowning in water really helps sell the thing. No wonder the album where this came from(also called Mirotic) was the biggest-selling album of 2008 in South Korea.

Take that NLT, V Factory, Varsity Fanclub and all you other Western boybands who've had no albums out in years but have been tempting us with all these leaks and hardly any singles out(heck, NLT even split up before a proper album release!) - this boyband from Korea that you might not even know about has just made you look like a bunch of losers compared to them.



  1. Oh, now that's not what I was expecting when I pressed play! The song's a cover of Sarah Connor's "Under My Skin"--which was written by some of the same people who made Monrose's "Hot Summer." Works well as a boy band song!

    I'm LOVING this special, by the way--it's what I've always hoped someone would do! I needed an introduction just like this, and you're covering everything someone could think to want.

  2. WHAT?! REALLY? NO. You have got to be kidding me.

    Aw, thanks! Good to know someone's liking this - I've got more under my sleeve...

  3. Oh God yes - you're right. Although for some reason I prefer the DBSK version, the rap part may be hideous but something about five guys singing all together during the chorus sells the song even more.

  4. I'll take a listen a little later today -- have to go furniture shopping. But i wanted to let you know that one of the kids from Varsity Fanclub (not sure which one) has left the group and has already been replaced. I guess they are taking a page out of the Clique Girlz book.

  5. OK. Furniture shopping, nice.

    WHAT?! If they're gonna be anything like the Clique Girlz, they might never get the proper album release we've been waiting for all along. Why do all these boybands have to start dying before they even get an album out? hahah.

    At least the Koreans are doing good...

  6. Nikki...maybe you'll want to edit the spelling for "Tohoshinki" sometime. :)


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