Esmee Denters - Outta Here

I kind of predicted what would happen to the album when I heard the clips but I kept my mouth shut just in case the clips sucked as much as the GA ones did. Now what it's out though, my predictions were true and I'm a bit confused.

I have mixed feelings about this album as a whole. Esmee's voice is gorgeous and the melodies are somewhat brilliant but haven't we heard all of this before? I know I love it when people make pop like it used to be but for some strange reason her way of doing it isn't that convincing.

We've heard all of this stuff before - there are songs that sound like they're straight off a Destiny's Child or Amerie album and yes, they're good but it's nothing new. I like a mix of things so old+new always works for me but if you're gonna completely copy music of only a couple of years ago, I don't think that'll work.

Then once you've gotten through those tracks, the next few ones are uninteresting. I expected more from this girl - I wanted nothing short of brilliance but it seems like she can't deliver yet.

However - towards the end of the album, three above-average tracks sprout out.

The first track that stood out made me want to hear this girls' next album - in short, it's probably the most brilliant thing since anything. Just Can't Have It is what I'm looking for on this album, it reminds me of something from 2005 or 2006 but everything about the song stringed together makes it sound like something current. The melody really stood out and it's probably one of the two or three tracks I'd listen to again.

The First Thing is beautiful. It reminds me a bit of JoJo's How To Touch A Girl but you know it's not - the instrumentation and the melody make it that much more current but the execution, the vocals just drive the whole thing home. This is another one of these songs where everything is right - everything falls into place and it seems effortless. These are the songs I wanted, songs that seem like they were thrown together in a day but weren't - songs that separate the artists from the common singers. Oh, and it's got a gorgeous middle 8.

Bigger Than The World is another one of those Moments That Matter-esque songs and I love how this girl did it. This song proves that my comparison of her and Gia Farrell wasn't made in vain - it's totally something Gia could've sang had she not been mercilessly and stupidly dropped by her record company. What makes this song remarkable is the part before the middle 8 and the actual middle 8 or if I had it my way - THE TWO MIDDLE 8s. I mean, how great is that? A great melody and what do you throw in with it? Two middle 8s. Probably the most brilliant thing since that other song. Then once the brilliance finally comes to a close, she does it amazingly. Oh, joy.

See what I mean by mixed feelings?

So, to sum up the album:
Best Track: Bigger Than The World
Better Tracks: Just Can't Have It, The First Thing
Least Favorite Track: There were quite a few, actually.
THE RATING: 3.9/5 but I think Bigger Than The World deserves a 4.6/5 for reasons stated in the above review.


  1. Hmm. Have not heard the album yet but I will soon. Let's see if it's just a recycled album which she really doesn't deserve.

  2. True - she so didn't deserve some of the songs on the album. Although like I said, there were tracks that blew me away.


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