BSB's new song is fantastic.

Am taking a little break from the special and back to the UK/US scene, boy have I missed a lot!I've spent the past few days engrossed in the new special but I couldn't resist listening to the new BSB song. My time wasn't wasted though - Helpless is just as brilliant as Bigger that I'm having a hard time choosing which one I like more!

It's snappy - when I think something big is gonna come along, it does. The melody's amazing and although I don't hear a middle 8, that can be forgiven.

The song also feels like Bigger, it's like they're derivatives of one long song and yet they're different. That's what I want in an album, songs that feel the same but don't sound the same. It's possible, many people have done it but it's just that not a lot of the more popular artists have done it. The tail end of the chorus reminds me of something straight out of the late 90's - amazing how they can just slip that in. It may seem like nothing but if you listen closer the background vocals really do sound very 90's-like.

Once again, I hate the rap part. I don't see the relevance of it but I'll have to make do because like it or not, the rest of the song is probably the best thing I've heard from the US this year.


  1. Wow. That doesn't even sound like BSB. I'm not really a fan but I agree -- this is very different. It isn't better than V Factory IMO, but its still darn good.

  2. Yeah, but I first heard the V Factory song in 2008! hahah.

  3. this is quite good indeed. I'm really looking forward to their new album of "toons". Now back to K-Pop!!

  4. Yeah - the album is looking really, really good. haha, back to Kpop it is!


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