Westlife - Live At Croke Park

I don't usually make DVD reviews, but this is to formally end the ten-year special so I'll make an exception.

You all know that I'm a huge Westlife fan, I know a lot about them, all their sales figures, chart positions, world records and achievements but those are all numbers and figures. It's like just because they've sold 40 million records and have had 14 UK number ones that I tell myself that they're good. What people like me fail to realize is the main reason why we like Westlife so much, why it's become a big part of our lives.

The music, duh.

For a while I forgot exactly why I adore Westlife so much, what made them so brilliant for me. Westlife is about gorgeous, show-stopping ballads and the occasional catchy uptempo, and I mean it this time.

A DVD showing 85,000 screaming fans singing along to every single word and four seasoned performers and who know exactly what they're doing is bound to be something amazing.

Every Westlife fan has a story, and while I was watching the concert, I remembered mine.

I got goosebumps when they came out and sang Hit You With The Real Thing, which was tied with Amazing for my favorite song on Face To Face. I was screaming when they were singing World Of Our Own, one of my favorite songs to torture my anti-Westlife best friend with. I was horrified during the medley, but I love the vocals on Get Down On It..! I was almost crying when they sang Unbreakable, the first Westlife song I ever put into my iTunes library. I kind of cringed for Mark when he hit the bum note on Flying Without Wings but was in awe when he hit the long, relatively high note towards the end. I was bawling by the time they sang You Raise Me Up, the song that started it all for me, I remember watching it every day on the local music channel two years ago.

This concert is truly a celebration of ten years at the very top, but more so a celebration of timeless, brilliant Westlife ballads, and every fan will start crying at some point of the concert, it's like looking back at the phenomenal band you helped make famous, whose songs you sang along to and whose records you killed to buy.


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