# 35: Britannia High - Picking Up The Pieces

Read my review of the whole soundtrack here.

I had a hard time choosing between Do It All Over Again and this song, but in the end, I think this is the better song, melodically and vocally.

Lola's voice isn't the best in the world, which is why the start is a bit shaky and thin on the high parts for me but once you hit the chorus, the song transforms into sheer brilliance. The delivery of the second verse is much, much better, but I think the jump from first verse to chorus is what makes the song itself.

In defense of Britannia High, this song just goes to show that they're not another HSM wannabe, I can honestly never imagine this in any of the HSM movies.

That plus the fact that the actors can actually sing, and they have gorgeous voices, better then the nasal HSM cast.


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