New Music!

Taking a break from the countdown, let's look back on all the great music that's come out in the past few days(before I fall asleep! I'm on anti-histamine and painkillers.. so I'll make it short)
  • I've FINALLY heard the Same Difference b-side Like A Miracle, and I'm loving what I'm hearing. Why the crap wasn't this on the album? It's genius!
  • I've heard a part of the new Mya album. I LOVE IT! I love how the songs flow from one to the other and the theme of them so far. I'll finish listening to it sometime this weekend!
  • Also, I've finally watched the new Westlife documentary. I got goosebumps during 'the walk'. Seriously!
  • I still can't believe that Agnes' second single from Dance Love Pop is Release Me. Seriously, I'm still in shock!
  • Been listening over to the Same Difference album a lot these past few days. It's slowly going to amazing to brilliant to mind-blowing. Amazing stuff! Is it number one yet? haha..
  • And, the news that made my day, the new GA video premiered!!!! I was literally screaming my head off when I saw it on YouTube this morning.. If you haven't watched it yet, YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON SHEER BRILLIANCE! Seriously, it's probably the best GA video, ever. EVER. The best video plus one of the most mind-blowing songs on the earth, what can go wrong? NOTHING!


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