Jade Ewen - It's My Time

Ok, so I'll admit to watching the reality show where they chose her but for heaven's sake, I'll never ever like this song.

Jade has a nice voice - it's powerful but seriously Britain, if you're gonna send a Leona copycat, you're better off sending the girl herself. I've said this before and I'll say it again - the world DOES NOT revolve around making every single British female reality show-found singer into the next Leona Lewis. I'd have liked it better if the twins had won because frankly, I think they have more character and personality than Jade will ever have.

She's talented, yes and she may seem like a huge Leona copycat but what annoys me the most is the song itself. I mean we know Britain's trying desperately to win the Eurovision but if the song you're sending to the contest has only thee words - it's my time, then you better rethink the song choice.

I don't care if Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote it and I don't care if the melody's remotely gorgeous - I do not want to hear a girl screaming that it's her time and she's not gonna let go of it over and over again. If you can listen to 1,000 Stars a million times and not have your ears fall out, this is the complete opposite. You listen to it once and you think you've heard it hundreds of times when you've only actually only heard it once.

I do like the instrumentation though. Maybe I should take her vocals out and just listen to the backing track - that sounds good.


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