See what I mean by the fact that I'm getting better at this A&R stuff(posted a comment on Poster Girl when I found out that Let's Get Excited is Alesha Dixon's third single..)?

I said it already but Let's Get Excited is indeed Alesha Dixon's third single! YAY! I love this song to bits - it's got a lovely melody but it doesn't lose the edginess that it's meant to have. At some points of the song you actually hear REAL instruments which I'm a little more into after watching what it can do to already amazing Craig David songs and the song is fun. It's not fun in the trying hard way and it's not fun because it'll sell more if it is, it's fun just because - it's fun for the sake of being fun.(5/5)

I should really do a review on her album.

The announcement that kind of fueled this post was that 1,000 Stars would be the third single from Natalie Bassingthwaighte!! YAY AGAIN! If you remember my review on the album, this one was my favorite song. I mean, how can you NOT like it? It's epic yet the melody's so simple. You'd think that with that short a chorus the repetition would seem really annoying but everything just falls into place on this song. The clashing of the quieter verses with the epic chorus gives you goosebumps and you'd want to play this over and over and over and over again until your ears fall out but they won't. Brilliance!(5/5 - duh.)

And did I also mention that I said late last year when I first heard Out of Control that Untouchable is one of the stronger songs on the album? hahah.


  1. Congratulations!!! I know how hard it can get - and well done, you deserve it!


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