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I wasn't that music-conscious during the boyband/girlband/pop wave of the 90's but from everything I've read and heard about and from the period, it seemed pretty amazing. I was however very into music when the current boybands started sprouting out - NLT, V Factory, Varsity Fanclub, Avenue(RIP...) and countless others. They were all trying to be R&B and hip hop but there was something missing about them - the magic that boybands used to have, no matter what the genre is.

BSB will forever be legends, there's no denying it but what makes them legends is that they come out with these brilliant songs and beat the socks off us and all these young boybands. It's current music - no more Quit Playing Games or Larger Than Life. However they do this 'current' thing extremely well and continue to make us believe that they are forever the kings of American boybands(Westlife being the kings of UK boybands of course).

Masquerade reminds me of NLT's Karma but the main difference between the two is that BSB made an over-all better song. It's catchier, the production's better and that thing that Karma lacks, something to blow you away but keep you listening - it's there.



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