Ashley Tisdale - It's Alright, It's OK

Sorry for not posting as much as I'd like to, I've been too busy watching YouTube-hopping for Rain videos!(I've watched like 150 videos in the last two days...) Mainly because he's my new addiction. ANYWAY.It's been hyped, talked about and finally released but I have to admit, I wasn't that interested at the start - I didn't kill for 10-second clips or anything. When I finally heard it in full though, I absolutely adored the song from start to finish.

All these other Disney robots should really learn from Ashley. Yes, do movies with Disney because those'll get your name on the map but never, ever sign a record deal with them because we all know what happens to those who do. Ashley had a brilliantly-made debut album with a lot of pop staples and clever marketing techniques so what happened to it? Headstrong was the best-selling HSM alumni debut album.

She's back and everything about this song is right. It reminds me of something on her first album but you know its not - she's grown as an artist, something Disney has a very hard time pulling off. It was a logical move for her sound-wise because she had those He Said, She Said's and Love Me For Me's but those songs won't work if that's all you're doing. I'm thankful she didn't go the Britney or Lady GaGa way like everyone else because it would be a shame letting go of the sound she had on her first album.

I LOVE the verses, they make you curious - what's she gonna do next? It's not a predictable verse that once you've heard three lines you know what the chorus sounds like, it keeps you off the edge of your seat. Then the chorus kicks in and you're blown off your seat, I mean it. It sounds like something HIlary or Lindsay would've done on their first albums and yet I don't think it would work for them.

It's like the song takes you on a roller coaster - you start out with a gorgeous verse and then the chorus comes in and it takes you to different directions you have no idea existed and then back down to the gorgeousness before it builds up into this explosion of everything, actually.

In short, I love it.



  1. is this a single? I've hardly followed Ashley's career since "He Said, She Said". LOL.

    I still think she's the usual Disney star whatever. Just not feeling it. Sorry.

  2. Eh, me neither. Not impressed. I'm super bummed. But then again, you really dug Kelly's first single, and I didn't so...I guess we part ways on opinion with that...


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