Jessica Harp - Boy Like Me

There are those times when you see the video before you get a hold of the actual single but when you do - you love listening to the song and it never leaves your library. Sometimes though, you like the song when you hear it on the video but once you hear just the song without the visuals, it looses its appeal.

Boy Like Me is the perfect example of that.

If you listen to this song regardless of how much better it may sound with something visual, it's actually not half bad. It's very lively pop/country/rock and it's got an infectious hook that sticks to your head long after you stop listening to the song. The melody's also really cool - it makes you curious about so many things, in a good way. In fact, she kinda sounds like an older and smoother Miley - I can imagine her going this route long after Disney disposes of her.

All in all it's a good song, but I'm still not convinced. Why? Because the song sounds do much better when you're looking at her. Even when I'm listening to just the song, all I can think of is the video.

This song is the epitome of the 'she looks better than she sings' type. Yes, the video looks so cool, it was well made - very pop but it's shallow and there's nothing else to it except making her look good. It works but in all the wrong ways. The point of a music video is to get the viewers to buy the song itself and listen to it over and over again but if it sucks without the video, what's the point of ever releasing it?

Over-all I have mixed feelings about this song - I like it but it doesn't sound that good without something visual and the song is catchy but there's something wrong with it.
The rating: 3/5


  1. I've heard a 40 second disgustingly low quality version of this on YouTube so I can't really judge, but it seems like a decent country song.


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