New Music!

Quite a number of new stuff. Some not as new but I haven't blogged about them yet so that's new! hahah.
  • Everyone's gushing about the new Booty Luv single(which is still set for release later this year..) but I personally don't get it. I don't know if it's because it reminds me too much of something Lady GaGa could and would sing or if I just don't like it to start with. 
  • I'm still addicted to Rain. I'm serious - if you haven't heard his 2008 album you're missing a heck of a lot. He puts Justin Timberlake to shame, if you were to ask me.
  • Michael Johns' single Heart On Your Sleeve is impressive - but not my cup of tea. His voice is gorgeous and all but it reminds me of a 2006 single I can't quite pinpoint yet. All I know is that it reminds me of 2006 when I got addicted to MTV and the local music channel. Will do my research.
  • Mitchel Musso's new single is even more impressive - I actually adore it. He reminds me of a more juvenile Teddy Geiger and that's a good thing(I think I've professed my love for him a few times already..). The melody's gorgeous and if he works a little more on the slightly wimpy voice and stick with an acoustic/piano thing, this song will work. Not a big fan of the very rock parts with heavy guitars and drums - I much prefer the start and the rather short middle-8.
  • There's a new NLT song floating around called Magnetic and it reminds me waaaay too much of a Day26 song. Creepy.
  • I think I've talked about Esmee Denters before in passing but I just got the HQ version of her single(late, I know. Forgive me.) and the song got even better. Definitely the new Gia Farrell although she better get an album release - the US lacks a big female pop star who makes brilliant pop songs.
  • It's Your Dynamite, the b-side to GA's Untouchable is out. The verdict? Not so good. For now, at least. There's nothing special about the song or the melody - it's just a plain old recycled melody put on top of a loop stuck with a strange chorus. I might like it if I listen to it a bit more(ala-The Show) but for now, things aren't looking that good.
  • It's all over the place but I should write something about Agnes' acoustic version of Release Me. I first heard it a few months ago(not sure exactly when..) when I was just announced as the second single and I thought it was brilliant. Now we have the studio mixed and 'sweetened' version and it's even betterrrrrrr! This seriously puts all those American pop stars who can't sing a note in tune live on their below-average songs they call 'pop'. hahah.
  • One of my recent discoveries is Korean pop star/TV star Lee Hyori. Apparently she's gigantic in Korea and is constantly being linked to Rain(hmmmm.). She doesn't have the most gorgeous voice in the world but the song will stick in your head and refuse to leave, whether it's good or bad. Oh, and even if you can't understand 95% of the song, it's got a great melody.. Her album isn't that bad either - there are some cool R&B staples on it.


  1. I agree. I'm quite not liking the new GA b-side for some reason. But I'm still going to give it a good run for me to like it.

  2. and BTW, I'm HOOKED on Agnes for some reason. Love Love Love.

  3. i really must check out rain. you are positively expostulating about the dude!

  4. Ken - I know, the song's a little too overworked for the girls. And Agnes - brilliance.

    Paul - Definitely! Wait, I hate the dude?(isn't that what expostulating means? correct me if I'm wrong..)

  5. haha no it's me not you! I meant to write something else but i completely forget what now! Good grief!! I'll get back to you when i remember :P

  6. NLT sounding like Day26? How is that a bad thing? Or do you not like dig Day26? I like quite a few of their songs...Where can I hear this clip? I've been waiting on new NLT for what feels like FOREVER!

  7. I loved their first album, think they do some amazing acapella work but their second album was a bit too boring for me. It's like something straight out of 'Forever In a Day' mixed with Danity Kane's second album - I don't like copycats.

    I'll send it to you..


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