Savannah Outen - Unlock the Door

I know this girl been out for over a year now and her songs have been sitting in my library for the longest time but I only listened to them last week so forgive me...

No matter how much we criticize all these kids for making manufactured music and letting themselves be turned into record company puppets, there are always a few out of a generation that actually do the manufactured thing right. My generation had Hilary, this generation has Miley(even if her music sucks, she's still popular beyond belief) and Jordan Pruitt and the next generation has people like Savannah.

All of these girls start their music career with a song that'll be able to cross years - something adhering to the current trends yet something timeless, something tested and proven by the generation before them. Hilary had So Yesterday, Miley had Best of Both Worlds, Jordan had Jump to the Rhythm and Savannah had Goodbyes - all these songs are written with them in mind, to showcase something special about them to 'set them apart' from others. The reality is, they're not any different from all the other girls vying to be the best because they're all manufactured(duh..). You listen to these girls' singles(mainly Hilary, Jordan and Savannah) and you'll hear the similarities.

As they advance as an artist or as their first album approaches, they begin to either show even more similarities or grow into their own artists(the the company's help, of course.) - Hilary went the pop/rock then techno-ish and now club/dance while Miley went the country-rock way, with the occasional pop so where's Savannah gone?

The one-girl pop/rock band route.

Unlock the Door sounds like it could be on an Everlife album, in a good way. It may sound a lot like that but her grip on the genre's phenomenal and the song is so catchy you want to kill it. It's got a 'happy melody' that makes you want to dance around your room with hairbrush in hand a mime the song(I've tried it and yes, it's the perfect song for that!), which means it's perfect as the opening song of a DCOM which in turn might just catapult her to Disney stardom.

If Disney stardom means getting other people to hear her, then I'm all for it however if it means stripping her of the musical direction she's going in at the moment, then I'm against it 100%.



  1. i dont believe savannh is "manufactured" or whatever at all. she has a label (which is not disney) but remains unsigned, therefore that means what she does is her own. signing is ultimately musicians giving away their freedom. she is smarter than that. and she started on youtube, so you know her voice has not been altered like those people you listed... she soundss the same in concert.


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