Best of 2009: March #6 - #3

And we start another month - March was filled with milestones for me personally so how did the music I was listen to reflect that? LOL. Enough talking - let's get down to business.

#6: Hannah Montana - You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home
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Hannah Montana has remained a guilty pleasure of mine, I remember that the show premiered while I was at the height of my Disney addiction (fueled by HSM) in 6th grade. I may not like Miley's stuff as Miley (Party in the USA can burn in hell for all I care) but this is the one song that I liked from whichever identity of hers this year. ESPECIALLY the string section in the middle 8 - that did it for me.

#5: Corbin Bleu - Moments that Matter
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The first part of the year was pretty decent for Disney acts and Corbin Bleu is one of those that were blessed with decent songs this year. I've gushed like crazy about Moments That Matter - it's got a gorgeous piano part and although Corbin's vocals on the song are crap, the song is brilliant. The rest of the album sucks so I wouldn't bother but this is the one song you have to hear. Brilliance.

#4: Savannah Outen - If You Only Knew
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YT sensation Savannah Outen has a gigantic, deep voice but I like the fact that they're not making her sing a bunch of ballads for 40 year-olds. If You Only Knew is pop/rock and the girl sells the song so well that I just have to listen to it again. Gorgeous melody, beautiful vocals and the whole song just works.

#3: Cassie - Let's Get Crazy

Cassie pretty much gave me my R&B fix when I was in 6th grade when her debut album was making a slight impact on American music - TRL in particular. Whenever I listen to her first and only studio album the first thing that pops into my head is TRL. Go figure. After a ton of songs being leaked, her sophomore album being pushed back for years now, and her kind of being MIA in terms of official singles and the actual album, Let's Get Crazy kinda fed my need for new music from her. She doesn't have the best voice, heck, it's not even note-worthy but I dunno - I just like her music.


  1. I do quite like the Hannah Montanna tune, proving that I'm never too old to be lured in by the Disney tween phenomenon!

  2. Hannah Montana was a part of my childhood - can't leave her out! LOL. But HSM had a bigger influence on me.


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