Best of 2009: January #10 - #5

Let's get straight to business, shall we? There's a lot to cover in so little time.

#10: Calvin Goldspink - Private Show

Calvin Goldspink is one of the alumni of the ill-fated S Club 8 that attempted to start a career after the band. Unfortunately for him, he didn't follow in the footsteps of former band mates Frankie and Rochelle when it comes to success. When it comes to music, I cannot believe that the guy has a voice like that! The song sounds like something that will never hit around the pop circles but will appeal to the Leon Jackson fans. LOVE it though.

#9: Jada - American Cowboy

Even if all RedOne songs made during a certain period sound the same and this sounds like a direct knock-off Just Dance and Poker Face, I do like the chorus and what's not to love about a girl group?

#8: Tami Chynn - Frozen feat. Akon

I don't exactly remember how or why I came to actually even have this song but I do and I like it. One of the RedOne creations, it doesn't sound THAT much like Just Dance but Akon does make it sound a bit closer to Lady GaGa. Catchy melody and generic instrumental but it's one of my guilty pleasures - deal with it! Hahah.

#7: KSM - Hero In You

I was actually debating over 2 KSM songs but I'm afraid this is the one that deserves some credit. It was the song that sort of convinced me that KSM were somewhere in the realm of an Everlife/Superchic[k] V2 with more nasal vocals - very rock-y feel by a bunch of girls. YES! Hahah. Corny lyrics and the chanting can get annoying to a certain extent but I like the melody and the instrumental has head bang potential - brilliant.

#6: Paula DeAnda - Roll the Credits

Paula DeAnda was a part of my grade school life and my adoration for her debut (and only) album came simultaneously with my 2-year Westlife addiction - the girl is a big part of my musical life! Great voice, brilliant songs on her first album and I've been waiting for material ever since. Nothing's happened to her though as she remains with Prima J, Samantha Jade and all those other acts I adored but never got anywhere in the industry. Roll the Credits may not be as good as certain previous songs but it's competent and very easy to listen to.

#5: Naturally 7 - Wall of Sound

I first heard of these guys when they performed at the Royal Variety Show back in 2007 (I think.) and me being me, loved the a capella work. Like duh. The entire album is fascinating - how they recorded it with just the 7 of them and this song is hands-down the most musically proficient song of the set. Brilliant melody and the dynamics involved in this song are just WHOA. It's even better live, for crap's sake.


  1. Yay for the love for Paula and Jada!!!! ::claps:: So underrated and underappreciated.

    Tami Chynn is one of those artists that sound like such a good idea, and it seems like everything's firing and hitting as it should but after a few songs it doesn't go anywhere. I fear the same fate will go to Jason DeRulo. Haha. It's still a good song tho!

  2. I'm really surprised with this selection. Although there are some that I absolutely love (Jada, Tamy Chynn and Paula DeAnda). But keep 'em coming!! GREAT!

  3. TOTALLY forgot about that Calvin song. I think the world needs a calvin-esque (not Harris) popstar right now. Not someone like Joe from the x factor :/

  4. Mel - *nods*

    Yeah, but the RedOne treatment kinda worked for me during those months before 'Just Dance' became the biggest thing since anything over here. Hahah.

    Ken - Surprised? Why? LOL.

    Paul - I know, right? Hahah. Wish he would just hurry out some material already.


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