Best of 2009: September #2 & #1

You don't know how excited I am about this post. An all-Korean top 2 in September but beware, this is just a teaser for the next months!

#2: f(x) - Lachata
Let's face it, Lachata wasn't a big hit, but Chu is just crap. The girls were singing on Lachata with minimal processing and it showed the extent of their abilities - that's a good song. The chorus catchy, Luna just pulverizing everyone else in the band with her damn good vocals and AMBERRRR! LOL. She looks like a guy who looks like a girl. But you know, Lachata did a good job of making me think Amber could actually sing - she can't. But I do like the rap part. *gasps*

#1: DBSK - Mirotic
So as ALL of you know (I assume you all know), my adoration for Westlife was replaced by my adoration for DBSK. Not only are they a heck of a lot younger and have a heck of a lot more "official fans", they're also more musically inclined. Yes, I said it - they make better music, have better voices and unlike Westlife - THEY CAN DANCE. I think. As if I know anything about dancing. So anyway, I got addicted to them this year after saying I didn't like them and so for my new favorite boyband, I have found a loophole in my rules to be able to include Mirotic.

Mirotic was originally released in 2008 in Korea and it was a GIGANTIC hit. When I say gigantic I mean GIGANTIC. 'Controversial' lyrics, a crappy 'clean version' I refuse to listen to (REALLY, whoever thought of "under my SKY"?????) and even a Japanese release followed. The loophole? The Japanese translation of the single was on their 2009 album The Secret Code. I didn't say anything about songs in different languages and the like, so MIROTIC IS ON THE LIST WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. Hah. Am I a genius or am I a genius? *bows*

The publishing rights for Mirotic were also sold to Sarah Connor and her record company - so Mirotic pretty much equals her hit Under My Skin (which explains the line "under my skin" at the end of the chorus of Mirotic). The only difference is that the middle 8 on Mirotic is the chorus on Under My Skin, and that it's a boyband song. BRILLIANCE. Dammit. THAT was LOOOOONG. Anyway, enjoy the brilliance, in Japanese!


  1. Lachata was good, that's all I can say, after few months of listening to it, they lost their charm, I hope they can come out with something better than Chu.

    As for the DBSK song, I much prefer their ballads, Bolero, Proud and Why Did I Fall In Love With You. Good song nonetheless.

  2. The F(X) song is ok...I have it in my library and all, but it kind of falls into that too hooky while still being to monotone for my taste.

    However, you KNOW how I feel about "Mirotic." -- and that was the first time seeing the video! Can you believe it? Where have I been? But yes...these boys are definitely growing on me. And hurrah for cute boys dancing to good pop! Yayyy!

  3. rcLoy - 'Chu' was a mistake. lol.

    Listening to 'Proud' makes me cry but watching the live performance where they were all crying made me burst into tears. Especially during the time the lawsuit crap came out. Hahah.

    Mel - Really? You haven't seen the video? My best friend calls it girl porn! (can I say that here? I guess so.)


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