Best of 2009: August #2 & #1

Who came out victorious this month? Kpop and CCM. LOL. Just read the thing, will you?

#2: Jewelry - Vari2ty
Apart from the horrid rap part courtesy of their resident rapper, I'd have to say that Vari2ty is a pretty damn good song. Seo In Young's vocals may tend to be a little more annoying than her other band mates (Jung Ah has the most gorgeous voice) but she's better off than a lot of other idols. The song is catchy and easy to remember - it's mindless with minimal substance but that's the way pop should be.

#1: Britt Nicole - Have Your Way
I've said it once and I'll say it again - this song makes Jordin Sparks' No Parade seem happy. It's as haunting as haunting can get but when you mix that with the stunningly simple piano part and Britt Nicole's outstanding vocals the song just gets a million times better. This song literally screams "GIVE ME A STRING SECTION" but I like the fact that they didn't go all out with an orchestra or anything like that, it keeps the semblance of simplicity. A beautiful melody and a beautiful instrumentation make for hands-down one of the most stunning songs of the year.


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