Best of 2009: October #6 - #4

October was an all-kpop month. See which songs made the cut.

#6: SS501 - Wasteland
If you remember back when the mini-album this is on was released, I did a review and it was slammed, bashed and treated like trash by a bunch of SS501 fans (Triple S) just because I said I didn't like it and that it sucked. I don't regret saying that because for crap's sake what is wrong with me saying what I think and no, I will NOT be careful with what I say because I was raised to always say exactly what I think. I study in a school that taught me to always voice my opinions so NO, I refuse to 'soften' my opinions just because someone'll get hurt. ANYWAY. This entry is sort of a truce to the NICE SS501 fans. You know who you are and I won't name you anymore but thank you for presenting your opinions in a civilized way, I appreciate that. To the fans who just kept on bashing me, this is mot definitely NOT for you.

Wasteland is the best of the mediocre - it's bearable and the melody has some semblance of beauty.

#5: SeeYa - 그 놈 목소리
SeeYa came back late this year with a new member and a continuation of their Hot Girl days - it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Yeah, their vocals are processed like hell (excuse me for a moment while I throw up..) but BEG went the same way - from ballad singers to eurocrap robots. I had a few theories on them back when this was released and they still stand. SeeYa are the Korean version of the Sugababes and they're trying to cash in on what The Brown Eyed Girls have done with their music. His Voice isn't a BAD song, I just wish they'd get rid of the processing.

#4: Hwayobi and Sleepy from Untouchable - Kiss Kiss Kiss
This is brilliance. No really, Kiss Kiss Kiss is a sweet R&B staple but it's not dated - it sounds like it's from 2009. I like the funky-sounding instruments, the simple but pretty verses and the undeniably R&B hook - Hwayobi knows how to make a song. All is great with just that but then you add Hwayobi's gorgeous, gorgeous voice and everything just explodes (figuratively).


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