Best of 2009: March #2 & #1

If February had an all-girl top, March was the month of the guys! Find out who came out victorious this month.

#2: Kevin Borg - Street Lights
(view my first mention of the song)
This has got to be one of the pop-y-est songs this year and I'm not the least bit surprised that it's Swedish. Idol winner Kevin Borg follows in the pop footsteps of past winners like Agnes Carlsson to make a BRILLIANT debut album. Street Lights was the song that made me give the guy a chance and listen to the rest of the album and I believe that's what the first track on any LP should do. The gorgeous, GORGEOUS melody, properly-used processing on his vocals at the chorus, the broadway-inspired instrumental and for crap's sake the STRING SECTION. I can die happy now that I know a song like this exists - it's an absolute pleasure to listen to this.

#1: The Script - Talk You Down
If you know me and my taste in music well, The Script are not a band you'd think I like. You're wrong - I have my unexpected musical choices as well. Coldplay, anyone? (I like them, so what? LOL) I may have caught on to them pretty late (but not as late as my classmates so I'm OK) but I do adore their first album. The main, main, main, main reason why I absolutely adore The Script is because the production on this album reminded me of a certain someone's style - my dad's. The emphasis on the REAL drums, the treatment of the guitars and apart from the use of the string section on this song, the entire album pretty much mirrors the production style I grew up witnessing the usage of and the style that defined Philippine pop music. For that I have to make this the best song of March this year.


  1. I'm so out of touch with your choices! I knew you'd provide me with some good stuff to expand my iTunes library. :)

  2. Ah little Kevin Borg. What a delight he is. I hope he is busy making a second album because that would make me quite happy :)

  3. Mel - Kevin Borg is BRILLIANT.

    Paul - I repeat, Kevin Borg is BRILLIANT. LOL. I seriously can't wait for his second album!


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