Best of 2009: July #6 - #1

Who topped my list for July? Kpop or not kpop?

#6: Brown Eyed Girls - 잘할게요
Correct me if I'm wrong but the title of this translates to 'I'll Be OK' or something like that. The Brown Eyed Girls may have taken over kpop with Abracadabra and now Sign but I love the fact that they used to be ballad singers and that they can actually, actually sing - unlike a lot of the girl groups today. Their vocals may be processed to infinity and doctored in every way possible but there are songs that prove they have the vocals to be one of the most influential girl groups. I love the bells/whatever instrument that is in the background - it makes the song sound like a fairy tale.

#5: 2NE1 - I Don't Care
2NE1 have become gigantic in such a short span of time that it hurts. I don't necessarily adore I Don't Care but I think it has to be on this list - it was a big enough hit to be nearly influential this year. And whether I like it or not, I Don't Care has always been a hit in the making. It's got a boring instrumental and the song revolves around the melodic hook, I'm just thankful that the hook actually has a melody. This is one of the few songs with rap parts I can actually stomach so for that, I gotta give it to the girls. It was also the song that proved to me that my favorite voices in the band are Minzy and CL - they sang exceptionally well. (Hmmm, time to do a vocal commentary! Next year, I promise.)

#4: Kristinia DeBarge - Somebody
There's a part of me that says I can't like Kristinia because of this and this and this but there's another part that screams "I LIKE HER SONGS". I think the latter part won when I was choosing the songs. She's not the best at what she does and she's not this or that but I love the fact that she's doing what she does. Somebody is one of the few songs from her debut album that really made an impact on me - potential single, perhaps?

#3: Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
Taio Cruz was one of those acts I was listening to Christmas last year at about this time and so listening back to this song reminds me of that time, even if this exact song wasn't even out then. The guy has the ability to make songs that one, sound like hits in the UK and two, appeal to me. LOL. No really, I'm not one to adore hits but Taio makes them well. He may not be in Craig David's league in the world of British R&B (I highly doubt anyone will) but he has his own appeal.

#2: Jordin Sparks - No Parade
I've said it once but I'll say it again - No Parade is stunning. The piano part at the beginning makes me melt, the chorus makes me tear up and how the song builds up makes me burst out crying. If I'm depressed enough. But really, the chorus is stunning and the emphasis on the piano throughout the song makes me smile. This song won't work though if the singer doesn't know what he/she's doing - Jordin does. Although I don't think she deserved to win her season of Idol (Yes, I'm still bitter - BLAKE!!!), she has learned how to be a good singer over the years.

#1: Ola - Sky's the Limit
I'm afraid my love for European pop still managed to rule this month - Ola's single just knocked all the (tough) competition out of the race. The melody, the super pop-y arrangement and the whole package are just too good to be left out on. It's catchy, well-produced and Ola can damn sing.


  1. oh yay for Ola. i was hoping that an album was forthcoming from him, but i guess not :( Hopefully in 2010. The Taio song grew on me quite a lot and you are right about that Jordin number. That really should be a single on it's own!!

  2. Love Kristinia, Taio and Jordin! They're all ACE songs!

  3. Paul - The guy should just hurry the hell up and get the album out, we're ALL waiting! Hahah.

    Ken - I know, right? LOL.

  4. I love the song from Brown Eyed Girls but I'm wondering if you've heard their ballad version of Sign? I like it a whole lot better than the original. You might want to give it a try.

  5. Daniella - I'm afraid not.

    archaotickarma - I have. It's good. Hahah.


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