Best of 2009: September #7 - #3

YES! We've finally made it to September, my birth month. But aside from that, this post will be monumental because it'll mark the first time I have A BRITNEY SONG on the countdown. Yes, BRITNEY.

#7: No Angels - One Life
They're German, right? OK. One Life is pop down to the last note and it's well-made pop. This is proof to me that even with kpop taking over my musical tastes, Europe still has something to offer. Yay!

#6: Britney Spears - 3
I know what you're saying right now "WHAT????". LOL. But really, lyrics and video aside, 3 impressed me to a certain extent - far enough for me to put it on the list.

#5: Pixie Lott - Gravity
Pixie, Pixie, Pixie. Late last year I discovered her and ever since I've been watching her career go from strength to strength - I'm actually REALLY glad she didn't get casted for the (brilliant) flop that was Britannia High because she got to do what she did this year! Pixie is living proof that people still know what pop is and this Ryan Tedder-sounding (did he produce this? Not sure) number gave me goosebumps. Her brilliant vocals with an epic song just made me melt.

#4: Super Junior M - Super Girl
Super Girl was the song I really, really waited for this year. On the day of the apparent release, I refreshed the SM Youtube channel hundreds of times until that evening, the full video and the full song were put on and I just exploded. I gave it a perfect review, called Yoo Young Jin brilliant, rested my case and Super Girl became a huge hit. Though the rest of the sub-unit's release kinda bored me, Super Girl remained brilliant and after getting sick of it for like a month, listening to it now just reminds me of the first time I heard it. Brilliance, whether it be in Mandarin or Korean.

#3: Been So Long - Jaejoong and Yoochun (DBSK)
I could've just as easily put Colors, another duet by the two, but I think this song is better than the aforementioned Japanese #1 single. AND up to a few days ago, I was debating over this and Shelter, the b-side to Colors, me and my indecisiveness. You might've guessed by now that this is the song that won - and for the right reasons. Been So Long has a lot more kick and a lot more character than Colors and it's a much easier listen than Shelter with all it's darkness. The rap is bearable (says someone who simply CANNOT stand rap) and the vocals are surprising - Jaejoong singing in a girls' range (he admitted it a while back but I knew all along. Hahah.) AND rapping, Yoochun's voice clearly in it's element - the guy sounds best with songs like this. It's a brilliant performance from the 2, really. I honestly couldn't stop listening to this song for days because it was so damn good. Best listened to at high volumes.


  1. Yes that's exactly what I'm saying about Britney lol. I'm so glad it made it on your list, that really says something about the song, if it can make it on a person that hates her's list.

  2. Hahah. One of the very few Britney songs I actually like.


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