Best of 2009: April #7 - #3

April was a month of change for me and I guess my musical tastes kinda mirrored that. Let's start, shall we?

#7: NLT - Magnetic
This NLT song was one of the last leaks before the group officially disbanded (*cries*) and to commemorate just how vocally proficient they were, Magnetic is on the list. It's not exactly my favorite song from them (I like I Choose You) but it was leaked this year and right now any NLT song can fill this place - call it a 'tombstone' or something. NLT were good, I just wish they had a lot more success than they had. Oh well, at least there's One Call. No YT link, sorry.

#6: Nick Lachey - All In My Head
Nick Lachey isn't exactly my favorite singer and he isn't someone I particularly adore (his Take That cover was flat-out pathetic.) but this song is brilliant. Enough said, just listen to it.

#5: The Click Five - I Quit! I Quit! I Quit!(view my first review of the song)
What the crap has happened to these guys? I worshipped their first album, absolutely despised their second album (and my ex-best friend was the biggest fan of that album. UGH) but this song gave me the least bit of hope that the guys were back to reclaim their place in American pop music - that they actually had something to offer. It's fun, it's pop-y and it's The Click Five.
#3: Rascal Flatts - Once
It's a little-known fact that earlier this year I went through a Rascal Flatts phase. YES, I did. I didn't blog about it though because a few weeks into that phase, the wonders of kpop came along and I never looked back. But yes, I have every single Rascal Flatts album ever released and I have my favorite songs. Hard to believe? I bet. Once may not be my all-time favorite Rascal Flatts song but it's pretty close - gorgeous, epic melody and the entire song just explodes. That's what made me adore them, even for just that once time.


  1. Cries "OH NLT!!!!"

    The one good thing about them disbanding this year was I went through a serious RESURGE of all of the music I had by them. I nearly wore out "Karma" and "She Said (I Said)".

    And I'm still bitter.

  2. lmao I completely agree with you about The Click Five...what happened to them?

    Although I like Fall Out Boy...

  3. Oh yes please to more Click five (I thought that was their come back single - where'd they go!) and I quite liked that Nick Lachey song after the disaster that was Patience :) Bring on the top of the pops for march :)

  4. Mel - We're ALL still bitter. They had the most potential and I personally think they were the best singers and then *poof*.

    Daniella - Eric Dill Click Five = BRILLIANT Non-Eric Dill Click five with Eric replaced by some new guy = HORRID. LOL. FOB isn't my cup of tea.

    Paul - I know, right? I was expecting domination from them.


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