Best of 2009: May #4 - #1

Kpop and Glee in the same post? Yes, be very excited.

#4: Glee - Don't Stop Believing
I, like many other people, fell trap to Glee this year. It's infectious, it's cool and dammit, the covers are brilliant. Even with all the craziness they've done this year (including a cover of Jannifer Paige's signature 90's hit Crush), this cover of Don't Stop Believing released for the pilot episode is still my favorite from the series - after I first saw it I was killing to watch the next episode but obviously I had to wait months for it. Still, I got goosebumps with the vocals on this song that dammit, there was no way I was gonna let this out of the list.

#3: Elliot Yamin - Don't Be Afraid(view my review of the album)
Need I say more? Gorgeous melody, gorgeous vocals - GORGEOUS.

#2: 2PM - I Hate You
2PM. They've been through a lot this year and even though I have my favorite on their new album, I still prefer I Hate You. It's infectious, the vocals are great and although the instrumental is a bit boring, it's a kpop hit.

#1: Industry - My Baby's Waiting
Kpop may have ruled May for me but majority of the stuff I was listening to was from years prior. After all, I had to lay down a sense of history before I started religiously listening to the new stuff - I had to know where they all came from. SO, Industry's debut take it's place as my favorite song for May. Pop brilliance.


  1. Glee are like the best pop group that haven't happened! I'd love to see an original number from them sometime :) And Industry - this was my fave track of theirs until I heard My Mistake this weekend, which is lush. I wrote about it on my blog - you should rush there and comment on it immediately! I think it's the 14 days to go post :P

  2. Glee and Elliot Yamin? YAYYYY!

    Glee kind is the new High School Musical, 'cept there's a new installment (usually) every week. For the first time, I'm not that psyched for American Idol because it means no more Glee. :(

    I totally forgot about poor Elliot and is criminally underrated career. This song is gorgeous and very deserving!

  3. Paul - I KNOWWWWW. I'd pounce on it if they had an original track.

    Mel - LOL. American Idol has gotten boring and lame, I hardly watched last season!

    It is! LOVE it. Hahah.


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