Best of 2009: November #6 - #3

I have to say it first - MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day with the people you love. (LOL.) I'll be asleep when this is published - the aftermath of Christmas eve with the entire family - cousins included.

Let's get to business.

#6: Taeyang - Wedding Dress
I'll admit it, Taeyang's Wedding Dress is one of my guilty pleasures. As a song it's boring - the instrumental is one-dimensional and the melody is generic 21st century R&B but I still adore it. The piano throughout the song just makes me melt and although I don't find his voice very good (don't kill me, please!), the melody carries it and nothing else but dammit, why do I like it so much? LOL.

#5: CL and Minzy 2NE1 - Please Don't Go
This year I learned one thing - if rap is done the right way, it's bearable, and let me just say that CL's rapping I can bear. The reason why I just cannot get enough of this song is because dammit, CL SINGS. A friend of mine said that if you can rap well, you can most likely sing well. I don't know if that's true since I know nothing about rap but let me just say that CL has a pretty damn good voice. And the loop during the verses gets stuck in my head. Dammit.

#4: Big Bang - 声をきかせて
Doesn't matter if it's the single version or the gorgeous acoustic but not that acoustic version - I love the song either way. The original version is great for about 10+ times but then I get sick of it. The melody is gorgeous, Daesung's vocals are like WHOA and the song is just great as a whole. But then I heard the acoustic version and I just died. I like the acoustic version because it's not just a guitar and a simple percussion part (usually just the downbeat to set the tempo) - IT HAS A STRING SECTION. You guys know how I melt for string sections but this one is different because it's GORGEOUS. You don't feel it's presence during the verses but you know it's there and throughout the chorus it just makes me fall at the arranger's feet. The second verse is even better when more instruments are added but again, the string section. It's always about the violins.

#3: Westlife - Sound of a Broken Heart
I may have already given up on Westlife but I can't give up on the fact that they're part of the British music industry whether I chose to ignore it or not and with that fact comes at least one good song from any release of theirs. The songs I like from Westlife are the songs that sound least like them - my favorite track off Back Home was When I'm With You and it was as far from Westlife as possible but I still loved it. Sound of a Broken Heart has a gorgeous piano loop, a chorus that explodes but doesn't and Shane's smooth vocals. Mind you, I gave it a perfect score.


  1. There's an acoustic version of Let Me Hear Your Voice? *gasps* Thanks for the info!

    Please Don't Go is good, but listening to it without watching them interacting on stage is lacking in some way for me.

    Ehem, I like the Tae Yang song =)

  2. Nice review!

    By the way, I am doing a K-Pop Fanfic Forum:

  3. rcLoy - Yes, there is! Gorgeous, no?


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