Best of 2009: July #10 - #7

July. Just find out for yourselves what the crap I was listening to, OK? LOL. Let's get to business.

#10: Kara - 몰래몰래
Kara are the cutesy girl group (apart from SNSD) but they were the ones who used to be serious and R&B like. This song kinda matches their whole image now - it's sweet, doesn't require a lot of vocal proficiency but to a certain extent I kinda like it.

#9: Jennings - Falling Higher Full
Gorgeous voice, gorgeous song and I got to interview Jennings earlier this year - she's one of those indie artists that should be more popular than they were. Below is a video to one of her other singles.

#8: Blake Lewis - Sad Song
BLAKE! BLAKE! LOL. Pop masterpieces and though I didn't really dig Heartbreak On Vinyl, Sad Song is damn good. The hook, the melody and all the elements of the song put together just make for a brilliant, brilliant song.

#7: Queensberry - Flow
Queensberry were one of the groups that came out of the tail end of my pirate blogging days and though I didn't really like their latest album either, this track off the re-release of their first album just reminded me so much of their first single that I HAD to put it in. The hook is a hook and I love the fact that this song actually has an actual melody and is really centered around it.


  1. I didn't think Sad Song was as brilliant in hindsight as i did when it came out. there were much stronger tracks on the album. but it was still rather good ;)

  2. I dunno, I was a little disappointed with the album but that could've been because I was far too concentrated on kpop at the time to even try listening well. Maybe next year I'll try listening to it again.


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