Best of 2009: December #8 - #3

YES! We've made it to the end of the year. FINALLY! 8 songs this month - let's get started.

#8: The Banned of St. Trinians - Up and Away
This is the 'chic' part of British music - the sophisticated one. At least it is for me. It's edgy, it's young and it sounds Brit though and through. I love the vocals on this and the chorus is very catchy. Thank God for a song without processing. Hahah.

#7: Girls Can't Catch - Echo
They may sound way too much like The Saturdays but I dunno, Echo as a song is pretty good. It sounds a heck of a lot like The Sats and the verses may be a little bleh but the chorus is catchy. The vocals are OK, a little resonant to my ears, but the hook does the trick on this song.

#6: Supernova - My Destiny
I honestly think Supernova should concentrate on Korea before they even try breaking Japan. I know DBSK went over there in their early days but they already had a name in Korea when they made their first attempt - Supernova only got popular for their project group with T-Ara. But that aside, when I first heard My Destiny I thought it was good, processing aside. THe melody competent, the vocals good and the over-all song very current. When I listened to it more though, I realized that it sounds a lot like the work of a certain swedish producer - RedOne.

Just when I thought it sounds like a RedOne song, turns out it's too close to RedOne for comfort. Can you guess? So I did some digging and My Destiny is called Just Like That in Sweden - it's a cover of a Danny Saucedo song. Believe me, when I found out I was banging my head on the computer table. IT IS SWEDISH. So that's why I kinda liked it. Though I'm sorry to say it but the Danny version is better. Oh well. Also note that I discovered this BEFORE I saw the info on the YT video below. Just to clarify. Hahah.

#5: SNSD & Super Junior (part of them) - S.E.O.U.L. Song
It's the stereotypical advertisement song/"jingle" with stereotypical SNSD and Super Junior vocals - not good, not bad. The only problem is that I just can't stop listening to it and I like the cinematography of the video (LOL). Besides, the more I listen to it the more I actually start thinking it's a pretty good song. I mean it'll never be the next Genie or anything like that but you know, it's better than a lot of other crap that's out these days.

#4: Katharine McPhee - How
I seem to be one of the few who enjoyed her first album to a certain extent (heck, I have a physical copy of it! But that was mainly because I didn't know where to get albums back then) but on Idol I didn't like her - the season she was in pretty much failed. Well she's back and after a few fails after her first album, I'm pretty glad to say that I kinda liked this new song. It's a new sound for her but for some reason it doesn't seem far from what she used to do - even if it is. It's a logical leap and I love it. I love the real drums, I love the melodies and her vocals fit this kind of song. It gets epic later in the song and I love that too. How  by  popreviewsnow

#3: Brave Brothers feat. 2 guys from U-Kiss - Finally
The first thing that led me to this song was the rather strange video (see below) and at first listen it's one of those generic R&B mid-tempos that all sound the same. It still is. So why the crap is it on this list? For two reasons, actually. The first is the chime-like part at the beginning (it's computer generated and all but yeah) - it's GORGEOUS. Add the sparkly stuff after that and that alone is enough to make me melt. It did. The second reason is a more obvious one - the melody. It's probably one of the most beautiful melodies I've heard all year - it's flat-out gorgeous. I was humming it in class the other day and I was like "damn, this is gorgeous".


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