Best of 2009: August #6 - #3

August is the month with the least number of entries. Awww.

#6: Jade Ewen - My Man
Before she joined the Sugababes and caused chaos throughout British music, she was Britain's entry to the Eurovision song contest and later launched a solo career. To a certain extent My Man was good and had the potential to be big or bring Jade to greatness but there's still something missing from this song. I like the chorus though. LOL.

#5: Samantha Jade - Secret
Samantha Jade is right beside the Cassies and the Prima Js of the world - a few singles out here and there, leaks but no album and hardly any promotion. Sad, really, because Samantha Jade has leaked some brilliant songs over the years. Secret may be too close to Britney for comfort but at least Samantha has some semblance of a voice. Not outstanding, but good enough.

#4: G-Dragon - Breathe
Breathe was probably the only song off Heartbreaker that I didn't condemn to the deep recesses of my music library after the first listen - you could say that I liked it to a certain extent. So when it became a single I just had to say it - for the nth time I predicted a post-album release single and I seem to be doing it a lot for kpop albums. Don't kill me for what I'm about to say though. A while back I discovered exactly why G-Dragon is as popular as he is and why he appeals to so many people - it startled me.

So I was listening to Breathe one day in between classes and then obviously I put it away when my class (I believe it was Chemistry) started but I couldn't get it out of my head so I started humming it. Then it hit me - the melody of Breathe sounds like a song for an advertisement or a novelty song, the only difference is that it was processed and put on top of a techno-y loop, something people equate to 'chic' or something to that effect. But strip off the fancy computer-generated crap and you have the same cheap melody. Nothing special, nothing different, it's a hit and that's what hits are - glorified novelty songs.

#3: Mya - Paradise (Ryan Leslie Remix)
Gone are Mya's golden days when it comes to popularity but I honestly thought that Paradise was a pretty good single. It took this piano-centric remix to make me adore it though. It's got a nice groove and I LOVE the real drums on this song - gives the entire thing a new twist.


  1. I'm so glad you included Mya, I love her so much. I really like Paradise too.

  2. poor August. fancy being so crap for new music!! ;)

  3. I quite dig GD's album, nothing to shout about like the SuJu 3rd album, but it was still decent. There are some tracks there that really stand out for me, especially Breathe and Gossip Man.

  4. J.Mensah - So underrated. hahah.

    Paul - UGH I know.

    rcLoy - GD's album is a no for me. Hahah.


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