Best of 2009: October #3 - #1

Who made an impact in October? LOL.

#3: Lyn - 누나의 노래 (feat. e.via)
This song in particular came to everyone's attention after I had devoured it a listened to it for days - the lyrics referred to Big Bang's Taeyang and DBSK's Junsu. But lyrics aside, the melody is gorgeous and Lyn is one of those ballad singers who can pull off uptempos like they're second nature, she sounds phenomenal. The song is fun and upbeat, it's catchy and the instrumental is cutesy without being squeaky (I'm talking to you, Gee) and most of all.. IT DOESN'T HAVE HEAVY PROCESSING! I won't assume it doesn't have any processing because all song are processed but at least what you hear on the recording is closer to the actual vocal.

#2: B2ST - Bad Girl
I won't say this song is the most unique and the best song out there - it's most definitely not. But the way these 6 carry the song, the way the perform it and the way they sell it is convincing for a new band. You watch a performance and you can see they're trying hard enough but what makes them a lot better than their rival band MBLAQ is the fact that they can carry a solid melody much better than Rain's supposed 'amazing new boyband'. They know how to sing what they sing and they perform an actual song. The abundance of new boybands this year was pretty overwhelming but I just hope that B2ST make it out alive.

#1: SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
I said it once and I'll say it again, with Ring Ding Dong SHINee grew up, and they grew up fast. Despite a swine flu epidemic within the band during promotions for the single, Ring Ding Dong was a gigantic hit and I can't help but say that I predicted it. It's repetitive, it's processed and it will stick to your head - but SHINee managed to make the mould a little more melodious for their style. And that was the right move because dammit, these guys can sing, their vocals at least need to be done justice. These are the types of songs that will get big in Korea right now - they're the new world domination songs. If they used to be Rising Suns and I'm Comings, they're now Sorry Sorrys and Ring Ding Dongs. If you're a boyband in Korea right now, at one given time of your career you will have a single like this and it will hit big, but then again this style is pretty synonymous with SM acts (I think.). I swear, if DBSK get a song like this I will FREAK.


  1. Nice list!

    Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to B2ST because it seemed like they had demoted Ki Kwang to a group. But when I found out the reason, I decided to give the group a chance and plus they work just as hard as any group and are just as funny and now they are my #3 favourite behind SHINee and 2PM.

    I'm glad that Ring Ding Dong has made me forget all about Juilette, it's like Ring Ding Dong completely replaced the fact that they came back earlier this year. And really, the song is amazing! The first few seconds of Jonghyun's part was worrisome but once the beat kicked in, well, I just became addicted.

  2. My god, other than through your blog I know none of the songs on this list :P Bring on november, i hear that's a doozy!

  3. Bad Girl has grown on me but still not much impact. It's a good song though.

    Ring Ding Dong is ACE! :)

  4. nynyonline - agreed 100%. Although Jonghyun's part at the beginning I think is what makes it different from other similar-sounding songs.

    Paul - lol.

    rcLoy - I know, right? I said it'd be a hit and it was a hit!


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