Best of 2009: February #6 - #3

Who just barely missed the top in February? Read on!

#6: Shontelle and Akon - Stuck with Each Other

This is the song that'll forever mark my mini-addiction to Confessions of a Shopaholic because it was the first song that I was attracted to when I was watching the trailers. This was the song that made me willing to kill the soundtrack, just for the melody. Processing like hell and the instrumental is a bit so-so except for the string section and some of the guitar parts but I absolutely adore the melody. Shontelle's voice fits the song perfectly, she doesn't hit you over the head but she can sing pretty well - just right.

#5: Trey Songz - Takes Time To Love

The first version I heard was the Chris Brown one but this was released around the same time his issue with Rihanna had just exploded so I don't know if he was supposed to be on the OST but was dropped or if his version was just a demo. Regardless of who sings it, this is another one of the songs I like for just the melody - nothing else.

#4: Natasha Bedingfield - Again

Again is the LAST of the Shopaholic tracks, I SWEAR. Of course, Natasha Bedingfield blows all the other songs on the soundtrack out of the water with a stunning ballad. It's got a beautiful melody, an instrumental that makes an impact (it's the piano part) and for crap's sake the vocals just add a whole other dimension to it. Gorgeous. Esmee Denters covered it months later and she's great but there's something lacking - her voice is a little to smooth and sanitary to match Natasha's.

#3: Bayje - 20 Miles to Graceland

I first came to know Bayje when one of the old music blogs I used to go to posted Find A Way as a new JoJo song. It may seem kinda stupid but to someone who doesn't know Bayje, her vocals can sound quite similar to JoJo's. But anyway, 20 Miles to Graceland was one of the songs she posted on MySpace earlier this year and I fell in love. Sounds ala-Alicia Keys but not and her vocals are just WHOA. Hahah. No video for the song, can't find it on YT.


  1. Natasha's "Again" was brilliant! and I agree about that Trey Songz song too--It's just the melody.

  2. Agreed and agreed. Natasha still knows how to make a good song after all these years. LOL.


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