Best of 2009: January #4 - #1

And who came out victorious in January? Find out for yourself after the jump.

#4: Varsity Fanclub - When You Were Mine

When You Were Mine was one of the songs leaked just before the supposed January release date of Varsity Fanclub album. After the album was delayed, the band experience the exit of a member and still no album release. Ho hum. The song is very 'American' if I were to describe it and the only downside of this number is the way too long intro. Other than that, brilliant song, brilliant band - GET THE DAMN ALBUM OUT ALREADY! All these American boybands are so lazy. Hahah.

#3: V Factory - Love Struck

And the American boybands keep it coming. Love Struck was a favorite among the blogs this year and I personally adore the damn song. Actually, it sounds like something that would work in kpop if they sped it up and added a complicated dance routine. Great melody albeit the slightly boring instrumental but I do think that V Factory have good, solid vocals. Not like NLT who I think have the best vocals of the pack but good enough.

#2: Spectacular Cast - Everything Can Change

I know Paul is gonna love me for putting this in but it is also thanks to his constant gushing over Spectacular earlier this year that I just HAD to give it a try. LOVED it. Hahah. Everything Can Change was the song that I honestly really listened to for days after I reviewed the album and just couldn't get enough of no matter how hard I tried. I forgot about it over the course of my earlier kpop addiction but gosh, this is a brilliant, BRILLIANT song. Hahah. Nickelodeon knows how to make a good soundtrack! Hahah.

And my favorite song from January is?!?!

#1: Lucie Silvas - Fall For Something Real

Lucie Silvas has one of those voices that I just can't stop listening to no matter how crap the song is. Thankfully for my ears though, the girl puts out some of the most brilliant songs - this is no exception. Very soulful and the melody carries the entire thing but the guitar part is very cool and the emphasis on the drums adds another dimension to the song. What the crap has happened to her since this? Can't seem to find anything.


  1. I'd have loved you more if it was a Simon sung song, but anything from Spectacular gets my vote :) Hurrah!

  2. I love your lists because you offer up so much material that I A) adore B) never got around to listening to but should have C) never heard of but now adore. One of these you listed is in my Top 29. Wild guess which. Haha.

    Bring on Feb - December. ;)

  3. Nikki I'm confused! Are you going backwards from #1?

    Anyways, nice list so far. I didn't like Paula DeAnda's Roll the Credits at first, but it grew on me so it's good to see it the top 10 :)

  4. Paul - Hahah. Still debating on whether or not to put 'Delusional' in.

    Mel - V Factory! I think. LOL.

    J Mensah - Uh, I think so. It's by month and all so yeah.


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