Best of 2009: June #6 - #1

June was the month of kpop for me - the top 2 songs are from Korean artists. Just guess who. LOL.

#6: Mitchel Musso - Hey
Although the rest of his debut album was a bit boring for me, I still think that Hey is brilliant. It's pop, it's rock and it's fun. You can't comfortably headbang to it or anything but it makes you happy and that's something to work on. He's not the best singer in the world and this isn't the most musically brilliant piece but it's got it's good moments, namely that gorgeous middle 8. LOVE the video as well.

#5: Kim Hyun Joong - Please Be Nice To Me
Hyun Joong, aside from being known as an actor and DBSK Jaejoong's best friend, actually made a pretty decent solo single this year. These are the types of songs I just like whether or not they're musically good or whatever - I just damn like the piano part and the melody.

#4: The Saturdays - Unofficial
There are a ton of other songs from them that I could've included on the list this year but I chose this because one, I adore it and two, it's the longest-running entry on my top 20. Yes, it stuck around for over 15 weeks before I 'forced' it off the chart. It stayed for good reasons though - it's such a gorgeous, gorgeous song.

#3: Ju-Taun - Let Me In
I had the honor of interviewing these guys earlier this year and I know for a fact that they should be bigger than they are at the moment. This song shows off their skill as a group and as individual singers as well as how musical they are. I love the attention on the real drums, the stunning melody and how the entire song just slides by - those 7 minutes won't seem like 7 minutes.

#2: SNSD- Genie
For all the criticism I and many others have about these 9 girls talent-wise, there's no denying that SME knows how to give them a damn good song. The production on this is outstanding - my dad agrees (and he never says that about the stuff I listen to) and the song itself has become a phenomenon. It wasn't the song that brought them to prominence (that was Gee, but now I refuse to listen to it's horrid-ness) but it was miles better. To be completely honest with you, I wasn't loving this song when I first heard it - it took a lot of time before I became addicted to it but I think that's the reason why I'm not sick of it yet. I can listen to this for a month straight and it wouldn't be a problem.

#1: Super Junior - It's You
2009 wasn't only SNSD's year, it was Super Junior's. Sorry Sorry took over the world (figuratively) but the second single off the hit album made me literally fall at my feet. It's You is a song that sounds the most brilliant, stunning and whatever other praise you can give it when played at extremely high volumes and in CD quality on extremely good speakers - I've tried and confirmed that fact. The gorgeous, gorgeous melody mixed with an epic instrumental that sounds stunning at high volumes made me start worshiping the ground these guys walk on. The vocals were also pretty good on this track, surprisingly.


  1. SuJu and SNSD!
    Ah, my kinda chart! LOL. Not much love for Sorry, Sorry huh? I really can't wait to see which song come on top in your list :)

  2. if only all saturdays songs were as good as unofficial. they are not. which is why they remain a bit of a mystery to me...

  3. I've only recently discovered Super Junior...I prefer DBSK, but that "Sorry Sorry" is ridic AMAZING. Why does all KPOP have to be so earworm-ingly catchy?

  4. rcLoy - 'Sorry Sorry' is good but I do really think 'It's You' is more my taste. hahah.

    Paul - AMEN.

    Mel - Hahah. Everything in kpop sounds the same (well almost everything) so I guess if one single's catchy everything else has to be. LOL.


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