Best of 2009: April #2 & #1

Who came out victorious in April? The songs are memorable, that's all I can say.

#2: Jesse McCartney - Crash & Burn
Whenever I listen to this song the first thing that comes to my mind is the end of 8th Grade when I was directing a short film and a friend of mine was the scriptwriter - it was our final project for the year, due a week after school ended. At the time I was just starting my Rascal Flatts addiction and my best friend had just left for Japan - it was just before my uncle died and I got addicted to Rain. So you can say that this song was a milestone - it signaled the end of my all-British pop addiction and the start of my kpop phase. Brilliant song.

#1: Agnes Carlsson - Love Love Love
Does this song even need a write-up? I think not. Pop at it's best from the queen of Swedish pop as of now - it's the perfect pop song. According to iTunes, I was listening to this a day before Crash and Burn. Cool.


  1. i was certainly late to the Love Love Love party (I think i liked it then forgot about it) but it's fitting in nicely with a christmas themed playlist at the mo, so yay for a late revival :)


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