Best of 2009: February #2 & #1

The two best songs for February. Who do you think it is?

#2: Tanya Christopher - Just Like U
(See my first review of the song here.)
Just Like U is in the realm of the Forevers of this world and dammit, it's brilliant. This was one of the songs that kinda hinted the return on 'fun' pop this year which I don't think REALLY major-ly happened but what the heck.

#1: Natalie Bassingthwaighte - 1000 Stars
(See my review of the album)
1000 Stars is epic and beautiful in every possible way and undoubtedly one of my 'emo' songs. It's the type I'd have no problem listening to when I get depressed about writing or whatever else there is to wallow over and it's not because of the lyrics. I'd love it if there was a gorgeous string section somewhere in the song but there's something that kinda says 'no string section allowed' - the song would be different if it had one and the epic-ness of the entire thing might change.


  1. This is the first time i've listened to Tanya (i think!) so I can see why it scored well :) Natalie - well i like her well enough but have never been that passionate about her music. I am liking your run down though!

  2. Paul - I wish she had more material out though, she sounds promising.

    Ken - I know, right? LOL.


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