[#28] U-Kiss - "Baby Don't Cry"

From: "NEVERLAND" (Album)
Released: September 2011, South Korea
Rating: 3.30

Up to just before I started writing this very review, I was actually debating on which U-Kiss song to put on the list. For the longest time, it was actually "0330" sitting on this very spot, but then I realized that I didn't really LOVE it as much as I did another song from U-Kiss this year. Another two songs actually, this and "Take Me Away". However, there's more to talk about if I put this one in, so "Baby Don't Cry" it is.

Basically, the reason why this is on the list and not the gorgeous ballad that is "Take Me Away", is that U-Kiss have achieved a sort of balance with "Baby Don't Cry", and you guys know that I am ALL about balance. They've managed to take the distinct, although sometimes cheap and too repetitive, U-Kiss sound, and make it more melodic, and epic.

Yes, epic. Yes, U-Kiss doing an epic song. I know, I never thought it was possible either, but here we are, and here it is.

The first line is epic enough, followed by the nice verse that gradually gets bigger and bigger, and eventually explodes into this epic, but ever so slightly controlled chorus. The entire song sounds so dark and whatnot, but this is one of those times when the autotune does a song good, because it gives "Baby Don't Cry" a lighter, slightly flowy, sound, that's a good contrast to everything that's happening in the background.

Balance. That's all I really want from k-pop, to be honest with you. I want all these acts to figure out that too much of anything tends to make a song go haywire, but it's possible to take who you are, and what you like, and turn it into a strong song.


  1. my favourite song in their album. i was just listening to it in the car just now and wondered when you'd include them in the list n ta-dah... no.28. pretty good :D


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