It's the last stretch of 2011...

We're already in the second half of December (!!!!), and so before everything gets chaotic, both on Pop Reviews Now and in real life, I think it's best if I lay out everything that's gonna be happening on the blog during the last few days of 2011. Believe me, there's a lot happening this year.

So today is the 17th of December, so right now we're at song number 20 on this year's top 50, and we are right on schedule. Songs #19-#11 will be revealed between tomorrow and December 21st, and from December 22nd to December 30th, songs #10-2 will be staggered, one a day. On December 31st, I'll reveal my favorite song of 2011, as well as a few of YOUR favorite songs (deadline to send in your reviews is December 25th!).

If you'd like to place bets on what the rest of my top 50 is, like McRoth and Ree did the other day, just for fun (I'm too broke to give anything away!), you may do so on this post and I WILL give out clues. ;D

I also kicked off this year's Holiday special today, with a review of "2011 SMTOWN Winter: The Warmest Gift". Part 2 will be published any time from tomorrow to the 24th, just in time for Christmas day. I may or may not do episode recaps of music shows that do Christmas specials, I'll think about it.

And, of course, after Christmas everyone will be fussing over year-end specials and Gayo Daejuns. I WILL be doing recaps of all 3 music shows' year-end specials, and by the first week of January I'll put out something like what I did for last year's Gayo Daejuns.


  1. i'm guessing DBSK's "before you go" would probably appear on your top 5 for 2011.

  2. I'm guessing there'll be at least one song from iU's "Last Fantasy", Wonder Girl's "Wonder World", and Beast's "Fiction and Facts". And I really hope to see Big Bang's "Cafe" and some songs from non-idol acts like Tablo/Leessang/10cm/Heogak. xD

    But seriously, the K-pop girls own this year for me. I could put aside my fangirlness and care less about boyband with these whole amazing comeback of the girls. Yeah, bring the boys out *literally*! Haha. XD



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