[#49] X-5 - "쇼 하지마"

From: "Xenos" (Mini Album)
Released: April 2011, South Korea
Rating: 2.20

I've made it very clear from the beginning that in terms of talent, I choose X-5 over B1A4, and I think I proved my point when B1A4's second single came out. From the makers of the brilliance that is DGNA/The Boss, X-5 are being pushed as the young(er), more performance-heavy boyband. So basically if you put The Boss and X-5 together you have something like DB5K.

But that's beside the point. Anyway.

"쇼 하지마" is a strong enough song to debut with - it has a slightly dark, heavy sound with very packed vocals and probably the strongest production their agency can afford, but over-all it's a strong effort. Catchy yet melodic hook, actual, pretty good, singing, and a very clear direction. They know what they are, I just hope they know what they want to be.

Another thing I really appreciate with this song is that you see they're really trying. Hard. From the performances earlier this year, and even just the song, they're doing things that are probably beyond them (not just financially), and they're coming out pretty okay.

It's a song that makes you *want* to look to the future. It's not TOO good that you worry about how their next release might not live up to it, but it's not a complete disaster that makes you want to completely erase them from the industry.


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