[#33] KARA - "Jet Coaster Love"

From: "Super Girl" (Album)
Released: April (Single)/November (Album) 2011, Japan
Rating: 2.95

I have both fond and not-so-fond memories of "Jet Coaster Love", because it came out during a very stressful time for me. Remember when I got that tropical virus earlier this year? Yup. The video for this came out just before I got admitted to the hospital, and I listened to it throughout, all the way up to the week I made up ALL my final exams, my thesis defense, and basically everything I needed to graduate. So whenever I listen to JCL I get all tingly and whatnot. But enough about me.

"Jet Coaster Love" is probably the best single KARA's released in Japan all year, because once again, it's a balance between what they were, and what they should think about becoming. Instead of being all-cute, JCL is more on the whimsical and/or girly side, with the instrumental and actually even the melody being a bit more serious than usual, but nevertheless still fun.

If you've been reading my recent tweets, you might've come across some "why can't I write" or "I have nothing to say about a song" tweets. They were for this song. But now I realize why I don't have much to say about JCL -- that's the point.

I admit that sometimes I tend to over think songs, so much that I miss the point altogether. But I didn't miss it this time. "Jet Coaster Love" is fun, mindless pop music, and that's the way it should be.


  1. Amazingly, your top 50 list are very similar to mine, except for a few songs and probably the ranking of the songs.
    I, too, agree with the statement that "Jet Coaster Love" is Kara's best Jap release of this year. It suits them and I enjoy the Mv too.
    Ahh, Gyuri's voice.


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