[#11] Brown Eyed Girls - "Sixth Sense"

We're finally at song #11, which means that starting tomorrow, up until new year's eve, I will be revealing my top ten songs of the year. One by one. Oh the agony. Mwahahahahahah! So which song just missed the cut?

From: "SIXTH SENSE" (Album), South Korea
Released: September 2011
Rating: 3.98

And this, my friends, is how you sing a song. It is also how you make a song with attitude. And to top it all off, I actually adore "Sixth Sense". Kick, attitude, punch, whatever you want to call it, "Sixth Sense" is it.

Basically, the reason why this song works so well is that they can actually sing. Extremely well. If they didn't have the vocals they do, this song would have been a pure and utter failure, not to mention a disgrace. And the good thing is that they actually show it off, but not too much.

The chorus is a mix of screaming and melodic singing, and although it's a bit anticlimactic (not as much as it was when I first heard it though), it does the trick. It's a scream-fest, yes, but it's a melodious and ever so slightly feminine, scream-fest. They scream enough to wow you (and make you go O.O), but they also dilute it enough to keep your eardrums alive, and let you recover from the shock.

Let us take a moment to drop everything and worship the verses of this song. They are stunning. Smooth, melodious, slightly interesting, but powerful and catchy at the same time. But they're also rather simple, with the right amount of repetitiveness, simple enough to remember after a few listens here and there.

The entire song has a pinch of arrogance to it, but that's exactly what it needs. The arrogance leads to punch, and the punch leads to power, and the power leads to a strong, literally stunning, song.


  1. Yes! Finally! I agree so much. Sixth Sense's chorus is a bit let-down, but the verses' melodies = win! One of my favorite cuts in 2011.

    Surprisingly, my favorite song in BEG's new album is their interlude (Countdown). That's a literally stunning short song. I wish they have a longer version of that song!

    Anyway, where's TVXQ in your list T_____T I want them in, ROFL. I hope to see at least one of them in top 5! ;)

  2. Horay! We're on #11 already! Can't wait for your top ten! ^^

    And btw, my favorite song in their album is "Hotshot", I wonder whether you'll put this song higher or not.

    And I LOVE THIS YEAR! I haven't seen brilliant songs like Big Bang's "Cafe" and iU/Tablo/Leessang's songs from their album so far... kind of curious whether they'll end in your top ten or not. xD


  3. @ Anon 9:27:

    Nikki said that there will be only one entry per one artist in one album, right? So this is the only BEG's songs in top 50 :)

    Anyway, I can't wait for your top 5! Hopefully, TVXQ's BUG will have a shot there!


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