[#15] Big Bang - "SOMEBODY TO LOVE"

From: "BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER" (Single), Japan and "BIG BANG 4TH MINI-ALBUM" (Mini-Album), South Korea
Released: August 2010 (Single) and February 2011
Rating: 3.75

Up 'till last weekend, the Big Bang song sitting on my year-end list was actually "Love Song", but when I looked over the list again the other day, I realized that I put "Love Song" in because I liked the idea of it, what with it being pretty far from the usual Big Bang sound, and not because I genuinely liked the song. So here we are, and my favorite song from them this year is indeed "Somebody To Love".

Although originally released in Japan last year (and was it just me or did majority of the sound sound like it was in English?), they re-recorded it and put it on this year's Korean release. And I adore it, because I genuinely like it, and also because it sounds like the Big Bang I came to like, and respect.

You see, that's the very reason why I respect Big Bang. They can experiment with God knows what, they can jump through hoops and fire, but at the end of the day they know how they are, and they know how to show people that they haven't forgotten.

The song is synth-heavy in the sense that the song revolves around them, but the synths themselves aren't that heavy, so you have enough room to both hear the instrumental, and the melody itself. It's kind of like a chewy cookie - even if it's really creamy and packed, there are little gaps/holes for it to breathe.

Gorgeous melody, well thought-of arrangement, and over-all, a song I'd gladly listen to over, and over, and over again.


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