[#40] Rania - "Goodbye"

From: "Time to rock da show" (Digital Single)
Released: November 2011, South Korea
Rating: 2.60

Rania are the unfortunate product of capitalism, and K-pop's desperate attempt to "work with foreign producers", when they actually mean American producers who aren't that big in the US anymore, so they seek refuge in a random Asian country. It's a shame though, because even through the horrid material, you know these girls can sing.

Because let's face it, "POP POP POP" was as low-budget as low-budget can get (and judging by their canes in the background during some of the dance cuts, it looks like the entire video was shot exactly once), and it's even worse than ZE:A's ill-fated Mazeltov. And that was pretty sad in itself. Thankfully, "Goodbye" is a much better song. It sounds like something from 9837893729 other girl group albums, all probably produced by the Brave Brothers, but it makes a point.

When you give talented people a generic song, they make it sound decent.

You have got to give it to the girls for sticking it out, to be honest with you. They're talented, they could've just left the group, put themselves through another round of training, but turn out much more popular than they ever were with Rania. I'm not saying they're talented because I pity them, I pity them because they're talented, and if they weren't toyed around with by everyone around them, they could've gotten far.

But anyway. Back to "Goodbye". Like I said it's generic verging on boring, it's probably one of those Brave Brothers songs the guy composed in like ten minutes (see what I did there? no? okay.), but it was well-sung. And at the end of the day, at least the guy knows how to make a pretty melody.


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