[#45] The Boss - "Love Power"

From: "Love Power" (Single)
Released: April 2011, Japan
Rating: 2.41

Last year, The Boss was the rookie group I placed my bets on. As we all know, they haven't exactly achieved commercial success, but they've grown so much as a group this year, both as vocalists and performers (and I have both bases covered on this year's countdown, just to let you guys know) that it would be wrong to not have them on the list.

Their Japanese releases have, so far, been more of uptempos and happy songs and less ballads, however that doesn't make them any less of an outstanding group. It actually makes them a better group, because in Japan they show people that they can do all this jumping through hoops and fire in terms of performance, and in Korea their thrust now is on showing the market that they have some of the best vocals you'll hear in an idol group these days.

"Love Power", despite being really bouncy and lively (and actually a little cheap during some parts), is actually really light and doesn't really depend on a gazillion different layers of synths to make a point. Though they played around with their synths, the instrumental is very basic and you can actually clearly hear the bass line. You don't just feel it buried underneath all the other, sometimes unnecessary, elements, it's very obvious, even to the untrained eye.

The vocals don't really show off their wide ranges and whatnot, but they do show that they don't have to depend on screaming their heads of and running around screaming like headless chickens to deliver solid, consistent and pleasant-to-the-ears vocals.


  1. i prefer love parade. it's is one of my favourite songs this year. always makes me wanna smile :D daikoku danji is awesome in the sense that they speak Jpn like a native and they seem to fit really well into the J-pop scene.


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