[#46] SISTAR - "New World"

From: "SO COOL" (Album)
Released: August 2011, South Korea
Rating: 2.35

This is the one good (new) song SISTAR put out this year, that still sounds like SISTAR. Slightly cheap, probably a disaster when performed live, but catchy and melodic. Can't go wrong with that combination, can you?

I mean okay, I have no idea what "Just be snooty baby" is supposed to mean in relation to the rest of the song, and believe me, 90% of the time I find myself laughing on the inside whenever I hear that line, but "New World" is actually a pretty good song for SISTAR standards, and even for kpop standards.

The instrumental is just there, doesn't do much by itself, but paired with the melody it manages to make the singing stand out a lot more, which is a good thing in this case.

We have to talk about that string section. We have to. It's very evident at the beginning, but once the verse comes in it's as if it just disappears. Wrong. It's there, being gorgeous and all, and it really gives the song a much-needed lift. And a bit of class, which SISTAR are in dire need of, both in their stage deportment and their songs.


  1. Their vocals aren't that bad....
    I think I get why you dislike them, it's because they have no "class" with the songs and its choreography they have to perform that may be very unappealing to some people. I've got to say that, I've seen them perform live here in New York for the free concert earlier this year in October and I was wowed by their live performances. Their vocals and energy they have when performing is, for my lack of wording, amazing. So in other words I do believe they have talent. Maybe your definition of a good performance is that they have to have "class" but these girls know how to perform well with how energetic they are and are able to sound pretty good "live". It's just the fact that Hyorin is so talented that she overshadows the other members which is a shame because one member, Soyu, is also a really good singer.
    Anyways, I like this song too.

  2. I get what you mean by "class" now when you talk about the idols. There's this lack of sophistication coming from the songs and untrained artists will make themselves look amateurish on stage.

    My own way of measuring "class" is to imagine this song being performed in front of an audience and you want to impress them. (Let's pretend that they will like k-pop) Would this song & routine wow them?

    This was probably my favorite song from this album. They need to work on the girls' strengths and let the other girl (Soyu) support Hyorin. She is a competent vocalist, but no one knows it because she had so few lines in "So Cool". So Cool is definitely a fun summer song, but it doesn't do this particular group justice.

  3. Personally, I never really liked SISTAR or any of their music. I personally hated So cool.

    but i do love Hyorin. Honestly Hyorin needs to go solo because you can't really put her in a group without her overpowering everyone. She would kill as a solo. Soyu, from my understanding, is really not that bad. She's actually pretty good, not amazing or groundbreaking, but good.

    The sad thing is that SISTAR wouldn't be as popular as they are right now if it wasn't for Hyorin being on all these singing shows such as the immortal song.

    I love their positive energy on stage (Even though the choreo is kind of cheap), but they make it work. They have potential, but they need to get much better songs.

    "New world" is a pretty decent song.


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