[#13] Brave Girls - "Do You Know"

From: "The Difference" (Mini-Album), South Korea
Released: April 2011
Rating: 3.89

The Brave Girls are the highest-placing rookie group on this year's list, and believe me, they deserve it. "Do You Know" is simple, it's clean and unlike all the other idol groups who make a contest out of their debuts, this is like the Brave Girls saying that they're above competition. Because they are.

Again, a very simple song, but it does the trick. It's sophisticated, it's graceful and it's laid-back, but it has conviction. Nothing on this song sounds lazy, nothing sounds half-baked, and that alone betters a handful of other girl groups. The smooth sound doesn't bore you to death, it relaxes you, and lulls you to sleep. This sounds like white chocolate -- smooth, creamy beyond belief, but convincing and sure.

Put together the fact that it was actually sung well, and that they can actually perform this live, and this is a recipe for a brilliant song. And what I really appreciate about the vocals on this is that they're not forced. No excessive belting, no trying to out sing everyone else in the band, and the vocals really match the sound of the entire song.

I can listen to this for weeks and not get sick of it. Strong production, and a simple, yet effective and well-done sound.


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