[#41] HITT - "한참 (feat. 이루마)"

From: "Here Is The Top" (Mini Album)
Released: July 2011, South Korea
Rating: 2.56

And we continue with the simple, but stunning ballads. Basically, today is ballad day, because even the song ranked 40 is on the slower side. But really, a ballad like this HAS to be heard. You can't not hear this, because it's stunning.

A single piano line, rich, soothing vocals, well-done harmonies, and that one tasteful falsetto note at the end make for a gorgeous, gorgeous song. Actually, when I was stressed out earlier this school year and I couldn't sleep because my body was too used to cramming stuff, I used this song as my lullaby. There are only two reasons why a song will make me fall asleep, and they're extremes. Either it's boring (like half of "Bonamana"), or it's so stunning that I literally fall asleep with a smile on my face.

I could go on and on about these things, but I won't, so basically what I want to happen is I want you guys to listen to the song RIGHT NOW, and revel in the beauty of it all.


  1. i think currently the best bands with vocals that really stand out (remind me of dbsk as well !) as DGNA/The BOSS , Code-V/Bless, and HITT. These bands are underrated but seriously deserve the spotlight, all the members can SING. Plus they can dance well. these guys clearly dont need to try to impress everyone with variety show appearances and overly cute acting because they got the talent.

  2. ^^ omg that comment right there! i hope 2012 will be a good year for the said groups.


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