[#43] C-Real - "내 남자친구에겐"

From: "Round 1" (Mini Album)
Released: October 2011, South Korea
Rating: 2.46

I know, I know, I was one of those who laughed at them because of their name, but the minute I heard this song I took it back. Their debut single may not have been that ground-breaking, it wasn't actually that good either, but if I managed to give them a chance after hearing this brilliance, then you can try too. (Not that I'm forcing you to, but you get my point ;D)

The song itself isn't anything new, it's your typical slow jam-slash-R&B midtempo verging on ballad, but the way they pulled it off, especially for a group of their calibre, deserves all the praise they can get. The vocals are raw and young (for lack of a better term), but you know they have potential. In fact, one girl sounds like a deeper Sunny when she's not whining or trying to be cute.

Like "MY MY", this song was made for it's purpose. The lines are very fluid and require a certain type of restraint that incapable vocalists will never be able to do, while also demanding a few pushes here and there.

One of my theories is that this is, in reality, a song meant to show off their vocals. Their debut single didn't do them any justice, so if their agency has any brains whatsoever, they'll settle for putting an "exhibition" song on the debut EP.

Smart choice, because C-Real are now on my list of "acts to judge when they either sink or swim on their sophomore releases", and believe me, there aren't a lot on the list right now.


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