[#25] Davichi - "Love, My Love"

We finally reach the halfway mark, conveniently, halfway through December! And despite all the set-backs, we're right on schedule!

From: "Love Delight" (Mini-Album)
Released: August 2011, South Korea
Rating: 3.40

Unlike other artists who continuously have to prove their worth by singing their heads off and making the fanciest, most over-produced song in the industry, Davichi are doing the opposite, because they can do all of that. After proving their worth with scream-fests in the form of "8282" and "Time, Please Stop", this talented duo go on to a lighter song this year.

But that's not to say that it's a more inferior song. If anything, it's actually harder to sing a straight melody without deviating from the script. "Love, My Love" has a similar feel and sound to that Gummy song from last year, but with a much lighter, smoother execution, courtesy of the girls' (especially Haeri) gorgeous vocals.

You know what this song literally sounds like? It sounds like those Nature Republic commercials, with sunlight hitting your face while you're standing in a really, really, really green forest, and the photos turned out a bit blurred. Actually, this song sounds like the album cover. If that sentence made any sense to you guys.

Basically, the entire song is kinda blurred, but the good kind of blurred. Instead of coming off very strong and sharp, the instrumental just lays back and lets the smooth, gorgeous, vocals do all the work, with just the right amount of high notes to keep people interested 'till the end.


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